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Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea was introduced by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford (1783-1857), one of Queen Victoria's ladies-in-waiting. In her day, the aristocracy ate a huge breakfast, little lunch, and a very late dinner. Every afternoon, the duchess experienced a "sinking feeling."One afternoon she instructed her servants to serve tea and little cakes in her boudoir. The experience was so delightful that Anna repeated it every afternoon thereafter. Soon others followed the Duchess' lead, and in just a few decades the custom of "taking tea" in the afternoon had become well established.


Simple but beautiful is the best!
Your tea may be Buffet Style or Sit Down for a smaller group. Each menu should include a Starter of some kind. We like to use a flavoured Champagne. We offer the Ice Tea at the same time for anyone who does not prefer alcohol. Special requests will be considered. All food items are finger food. This is a completely catered Tea Service.

The food tastes as good as it looks!
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All kinds of dainty, beautiful and yummy desserts can be served. To the right you see a photo of a French Apple Tart!


These are Pettit Fours,
a collection of tiny cakes!
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(Choose One)
(You bring the Champagne or Asti and this is served when guests first arrive)

 Passion Fruit Champagne

Raspberry Champagne

Peach Champagne

Pineapple Wine

Your choice of Cranberry Ice Tea, Green Tea Citrus Ice Tea
or Sparkling Cider can always be available
for anyone who prefers no alcohol!

(Choose Three)

Cherry Tomatoes or Cucumbers stuffed with Chicken or Crab Salad

Stuffed Mini Potatoes
Small Red Potato Baskets Stuffed with Mashed Potato, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese,
Roasted Garlic, Sharp and Monterey JackCheese, Crumbled Bacon

Oriental Chicken Salad in Won Ton Petals

Cucumber Rounds with Dill Spread (most popular)

Ham or Chicken Salad (with wheat or white bread)
or served on baby Crescent Rolls or Cheddar Bisquits

Egg Salad Triangles (any shape)

Green Olive Buttons (with Cream Cheese)
Avacado and Pesto Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Pecan Cream Cheese Balls

Turkey, Ham or Salmon Pinwheel Sandwiches

Tuna Boats (served in Endive)

Feta and Artichoke Squares - Served Warm

Tiny Quiche

Choose Three

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
White or Semisweet Chocolate

Fresh Berries with Lemon Whip Cream
(with or without Fillo Cups)

Baby Cream Puffs

Haupia Squares (coconut)

French Apple Tart

Grandma's Cookies (Pecan Meringue)

Butterscotch Brownies

Angel Tartlettes (lemon)

Pumpkin Crunch

with Pecan Butter, Lilikoi Butter or Devonshire Cream

Cranberry Scones

Blueberry Scones

Date Nut or Cranberry Bread

Soda Cracker Pie

Tea Cakes (any kind)
Chocolate, Spice, White, or Yellow Cakes with Butter Cream Icing Flowers on top!

Shortbread Cookies (shapes)

Tea (Buffet or Sit Down)
We like to offer a large assortment of teas for your guests to choose from. There are so many wonderful teas available today and everyone likes something different. Included in our Tea assortment would be: Green Tea, Spiced Tea, Chocolate Hazelnut Tea, Tea Forte, and many others. We normally just fill the teapot with boiling water. This is a great way for your guest to learn about some new tea they may never have had. If you have a special request we can try to make it available for you as well. Another Tea Pot will be filled with a Black Tea made from fresh Tea Leaves.

Price (10 person minimum)

Our price of $35 per person includes the complete menu choices above as well as the use of our very beautiful Tea Service. It also includes glasses, napkins, utensils and all serving pieces. All you have to supply is the guests! We can help you with the choice of a location if you do not have your own! If you would like to add a 4th selection to the Savouries or Sweets just add an additional $3 per person per selection.

You can add a fresh flower centerpiece to your party as well as music and favors. Just let us know your party wishes.

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