Tea Party In Paradise!
How to Begin a Plan!

Please allow 2 hours for your Tea Party. The location or venue is the very first requirement and we can help you with your selection if you give us a call. It can be at your own accommodations, a private garden, poolside or just about anywhere you would like. Of couse some of the locations will charge a fee for the use of their grounds. If you need help with selecting a location just give us a call.

Next you would choose a style or theme for your party. It does not have to be complicated. Keeping it simple is the best way. Then you will need to send out some nice invitations with all the information about your party and be sure to include an RSVP. You will surely want to know how many people will be attending.You can select your own or we can provide them for you. We recommend you include a map to the location in your invitation as well.
This will be followed by choosing your menu and entertainment. Again it is important to keep it simple and follow a theme.

The day before the party you will want to call each guest that has not responded to your invitaion. We recommend calling every guest just to be sure they do not forget! After all it is the people that make the party and you have gone to little trouble and expense here, so you want to be sure they come and enjoy it all! 

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